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Sodium bicarbonate in silage diets for beef cattle

1992, Padova University, Italy

Subject: study the effects of the presence or absence of Bicar®Z in two different diets.

The aim of the trial was to investigate the effects of two different diets on the growth rate of beef cattle.


Conditions of the study: increase the supplementation of Bicar®Z up to 200 gr or 300 gr

The trial took place in 1992 on 115 Black Spotted Polish calves, with a mean initial weight of 368.5 ± 31.2 Kg. The test continued until 500 Kg of live weight was reached.

In addition to the reference diet, the animals also received during the first 55 days of the experiment a diet with the supplementation of Bicar®Z, which was administered in quantities of 200 g per head per day.

In the second stage of the research project, the quantity of Bicar®Z was increased to 300 g.


Results: higher consumption of dry substances and energy

At the end of the experiment, the SP diet brought about a significantly higher consumption both of dry substances (10.64 vs. 9.78 Kg per day) and energy (10.31 vs. 8.47 UFC per day), which also led to a greater growth speed (1.348 vs. 1.199 g per day).

In the second part of the experiment, which was particularly characterized by high temperatures and atmospheric humidity, the supplementation of Bicar®Z led to a 10% increase in growth (1.165 vs. 1.059 g per day).


Conclusions: what can you learn from this study?

Diet with 200 – 300 gr/head/day 

  • Dry substance consumption: +8,8% (from 9.78 to 10.64 Kg/day)
  • Growth speed: +12% (from 1.199 to 1.348 gr/day)
  • During hot season growth speed increased by 10% (from 1.059 to 1.165)