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The effect of sodium bicarbonate on laying hens suffering from heat stress

1991, Italy

Subject: study the effects of sodium bicarbonate on eggs production

The aim of the experiment was to investigate the possible effect of sodium bicarbonate on the production of eggs and the quality of hens, reared under high temperature and relative humidity stress, in their last production period.


Conditions of the study: basal diet supplemented with 1.0% of Bicar®Z


During the 55-week observation, Warren hens were randomly allocated into 3 experimental units.

Two trial diets were provided:

  • Diet C: basal diet without supplements
  • Diet B: basal diet supplemented with 1.0% of sodium bicarbonate and fed to the laying hens for 12 weeks.





Hens fed on diet B showed a higher egg production (73.2 vs 69.7%) and a better biological efficiency (1.72 vs 1.63 eggs kg/P).


Conclusions: what can you learn from this study?

Sodium bicarbonate positively affected shell thickness (0.324 vs 0.317 mm) and reduced the proportion of rough shelled (3.33 vs 5.78%) and broken eggs (4.06 vs 6.28%) (P < 0,05).