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For better livestock breeding, trust Bicar®Z every day

Today, more than ever, your farm has to be run as a business. Competition has increased. Production is intensifying. New environmental and health regulations keep being introduced. Being a farmer seems more complex and uncertain than ever before.

With 40 years of research and innovation in animal feed, Bicar®Z is a simple, mineral and efficient, sodium bicarbonate-based feed ingredient, that enhances productivity and well-being in livestock.

Calculate the DCAB-Dietary Cation Anion Balance-for cows-BicarZ
Webinar in French

Control of lameness in cattle: the FIGHTERS strategy

Lameness is the number one problem in modern dairy farming. To address this problematic, Professor Raphaël Guatteo will present the FIGHTERS strategy on September 28 at 5 p.m.

BicarZ -Dietary Cation-Anion Balance- DCAB
Webinar in Italian

Wellbeing and feed management of the young beef

What’s the best way to manage beef cattle feeding to optimize animal wellbeing? To find out more, join the webinar led by experts Prof. Giulio Cozzi and Prof. Erminio Trevisi on September 30 at 10:30 a.m.

BicarZ for rumen acidosis - bicarbonate based buffer

Rumen Acidosis

Rumen acidosis is a common disturbance in the balance of the cow's rumen, especially for cows with high milk production potential. The risks are multiple: a decrease in milk production, diverse health issues, including laminitis and infections.

Heat Stress, a disease occuring with high temperature-BicarZ

Heat Stress

Summer is coming and Heat stress as well!  As soon as the outside temperature exceeds 20° or the THI exceeds 68°, high-producing pigscows and chickens suffer from Heat Stress, resulting in a reduced productivity and health risks. Let's fight against it!