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Why use Bicar®Z?

Intensive rearing systems allow a high growth rate of animals in a relatively short time, at the same time they can promote stress conditions that alter the correct level of acidity. Bicar®Z restores the correct level of acidity. This applies to beef cattle breeding but also to dairy cows, poultry, pigs and shrimp farming. 

Feeding beef cattle

In beef cattle breeding, growth is achieved with high concentrate diets in which hay is a relatively marginal ingredient. 

This type of feeding can promote acidosis, but this can be kept under control with the use of sodium bicarbonate supplement. Bicar®Z is a feed buffer and a chlorine-free source of sodium that, when taken regularly and in the right dosage, counteracts acidosis and improves the welfare and productivity of livestock.

Bicar®Z for dairy cows

The rumen of dairy cows is home to an extremely heterogeneous microbial population that in nature maintains its balance thanks to the diversity of pasture. Today it is the nutritionist who has to maintain this balance by counteracting the various factors that can cause ruminal acidosis. In this case, the intake of Bicar®Z in the right dosage can improve animal welfare and promote milk production.

Acidosis in poultry, pig and shrimp farming

Also in the case of these farms, the feed and environmental conditions must be adequately balanced to avoid acid-based imbalances. 

When this balance is disturbed, the use of Bicar®Z restores favorable conditions for animal welfare and productive growth.