Trust Bicar®Z every day
For better livestock breeding

Bicar®Z and You, a relationship based on trust 

40 years of experimentation  with independent experts

Today, more than ever, your farm has to be run as a business.

Competition has increased. Production is intensifying. New environmental and health regulations are constantly being introduced.

With 40 years of research and experimentations in feed materials, Bicar®Z continues to be the trusted solution for livestock farmers, zootechnical nutritionists and vets around the world.

Simple and efficient, Bicar®Z is a sodium bicarbonate feed material that enhances productivity and well-being in livestock.

BicarZ bicarbonate buffer hens

Why can you count on us?

The high buffering capacity and sodium intake of Bicar®Z are demonstrated at all levels and for several properties. It’s easy to use, and can safely be given to ruminants, pigs, poultry and shrimps alike. Bicar®Z helps to prevent acidosis and considerably increases livestock productivity by allowing, amongst others, cows to produce up to 3,6 L more milk every day.

From our manufacturing plants to your animals, the purity of the product is guaranteed. The Solvay group is a world leader in chemistry. As one of its key brands, Bicar®Z moves through short supply chains, with a minimum number of intermediaries and complete product traceability.

So you always know what you’re giving to your animals.

For better livestock breeding, trust Bicar®Z every day 

The Bicar®Z reliability commitments


BicarZ reliability commitments 2020


Guaranteed Efficacity
BicarZ buffer laboratory-trials

The efficiency of BicarZ has been tested and  is continuously being tested by independent experts in several regions (In Galicia, in West Germany, In Brittany, Italy Veneto and Emilia Romagna).

Please consult our last study that compares BicarZ with new buffers : this strongly demonstrates  the cost efficiency of BicarZ.

Livestock health and well-being 

Higher livestock performances

  • Livestock productivity (For instance : Up to an additional 3,6l milk / day / cow!)
  • Livestock growth 
  • Fertility improvements for cows and poultry
Guaranteed Convenience
BicarZ bicarbonate buffer cows

BicarZ is easy to use. Conveniently packed or delivered in bulk, BicarZ is ready for use  and can be  directly added to the feed ration of your animals. 

Moreover, we can count on a strong network of specialized distributors with an important presence in all the territories in which they operate. You will be able to get our BicarZ quickly.

Convenient packaging

  • 25 kg per bag in Big Bags (1.200 Kg) or in bulk 
  • Big and resistant bags, easy to use

Easy dosage for all types of livestock

  • 250g / day for cows  - 0.5 to 1% of the feed ration of poultry and swine
  • Can be mixed into a customized buffer

Easily available everywhere

  • Large network of “feed specialized” distributors
  • Locally produced (9 factories in Europe, North America and Asia)


  • Safe and non-toxic for breeders and animals
  • Easy to handle
Guaranteed Purity
BicarZ Torrelavega Factory Bicarbonate

The high quality of BicarZ is key for you, for us, for your animals and all the people who will handle our product or feed off the production of your animals. 

At Solvay, we have been producing Bicar for more than 150 years ago and thanks to our laboratories on site, our strict process and the strong commitment of all our operators, we guarantee the high quality of BicarZ.

Mineral, straightforward formula

  • A single ingredient: sodium bicarbonate
  • Sodium bicarbonate is present in the body of numerous species and it is  also a household product, used for centuries 

Solvay guarantee and independent certifications

  • Solvay Bicar is also used for pharma industry
  • Certifications (GMP + and ISO 9001)

A buffer compatible with organic farming

  • Sodium bicarbonate is listed as feed material of mineral origin on Annex V to Regulation N°889/2008 
  • Thus Bicar®Z is permitted to be used as organic feed material of mineral origin in organic production.
Guaranteed Traceability 
BicarZ bicarbonate buffer eggs

Our teams are organized in order to ensure the complete control of the process and raw materials, to analyze regularly our final product and manage its quality, but also to guarantee the complete traceability of it.

Short supply chains 

  • Our product is distributed by Solvay to specialized feed resellers closed to the final user. 
  • The number of intermediaries is limited to guarantee the safety of our product 

Protective labelling and safety

  • Marked with a batch number allowing the product to be tracked 
  • Safety sieves, magnets and/or metal detectors protect the product from foreign particles
Guaranteed Expertise
BicarZ Torrelavega Factory

For more than 40 years, we have been making extraordinary encounters. We have chosen to surround ourselves with independent experts in most of the countries where we operate. These experts are veterinarians or zootechnics consultants working with breeders on a daily basis and are passionate researchers - a nod to the academics of Padua. All of them have a deep respect for  animals and have at heart to give the best help to you, the breeders.

Thanks to this network, BicarZ can guarantee to deliver a strong expertise to you.

A market reference for 40 years

  • Solvay was the first player to offer a specific bicarbonate for feed in Europe
  • Today, Solvay is surrounded by a solid network of local independent experts:  veterinarians, zootechnics specialists and academics.

Commitment to scientific research 

  • Regular publications linked to feed market
  • Scientific studies and lab experimentations .

Innovative industry solutions

  • Online tools for diagnosis and day-to-day usage of Bicar®Z 

Understanding bicarbonate effects

Bicarbonate provides an optimal acid-base balance

BicarZ Torrelavega Factory Bicarbonate 2

Basically, the organism is able to regulate the pH on its own

The metabolism of domestic animals is optimal in blood pH ranges between 7.3 and 7.5. 

For ruminants, the optimal rumen pH is between 6.0 and 6.4. 

Under normal conditions, the body is able to regulate pH with natural systems, for example by using bicarbonate already present in the body. 

But this is not enough when the ration is too rich

In order to increase the zootechnical performance of the animals, breeders stimulate the production capacity of their livestock with rations that are rich in energy and quickly fermentable.

The latter can cause metabolic and ruminal acidosis, which results in reduced performance and a number of health risks such as lameness, infertility or reduced immunity.  In addition, heat stress causes and aggravates ruminal acidosis and other health problems, resulting in a "vicious circle".


Sodium bicarbonate has a maximum buffering capacity of 6.33

BicarZ bicarbonate buffer pigs

Which is the optimum pH of a cow's rumen. This allows us to understand the effectiveness of sodium bicarbonate to regulate the pH and prevent ruminal acidosis. Sodium bicarbonate is also the main blood buffer and is commonly used in infusion and dialysis to compensate for metabolic acidosis.

Why do we talk about buffering capacity?

Buffering capacity is the ability of a compound to stabilize the pH by counteracting even small changes in pH. It can be compared to a sponge that absorbs and neutralizes acidic compounds. When this compound is added to a food ration, it will thus temper its acidifying action and thus stabilize the pH at ideal levels.


BicarZ bicarbonate buffer ruminants

A source of pure sodium without chloride or sulphur

Sodium plays an important role in animal physiology

Like bicarbonate, sodium maintains an appropriate acid-base balance even when animals are fed with acidifying rations. It is also necessary for neurotransmission and the transfer of sugars and nutrients to cells.

Bicarbonate helps to ensure the balance of DCAB and EB

To check that the acid-base balance of your animals' feed is correct, you can calculate the DCAB (Dietary Cation-Anion Balance) for your ruminants, or the EB (Electrolytic Balance) for swine and poultry, which is the mineral analysis of the ration (sodium, potassium, chloride and sulphur for the DCAB). As bicarbonate is a source of sodium, it helps to restore this balance.