Subject: study the effects of Bicar®Z on finishing heavy swine performance

The aim of the trial was to determine the effect of Bicar®ZZ addition and of electrolyte balance of the diet on weight gain, feed efficiency, dressing percentage and carcass characteristics of finishing heavy pig.


Conditions of the study: increase the supplementation of Bicar®Z at 1.15% and 1.75%

The experiment was performed in summer on 156 crossbred castrated pigs and lasted 112 days.

Bicar®Z was added to the diet at 1.15% and 1.75% of dry matter of the ration in the first and in the second period of the trial respectively.


Results: better growth rate and feed efficiency

The Bicar®Z addition was performed at two levels:

  • in the first 56 days, the buffer was added at 1.15% of the ration dry matter,
  • during the last 56 days of the trial the buffer attained 1.75% of the dry matter of the ration.

During the first 56 days of the trial, the pigs fed a Bicar®Z-based diet showed a better growth rate (837 vs 812 g/d) and also feed efficiency improved (3.20 vs 3.30 g/d).

In the second period, the results that were recorded were similar to those observed during the previous trial period.

Overall, during the entire trial period (1-112 days) the Bicar®Z-based diet significantly increased daily growth (789 g vs 750 g/d) and improved feed efficiency (3.34 vs 3.54 g/d).


Conclusions: what can you learn from this study?

Diet with 1.15% and 1.75% of Bicar®Z

  • Significantly improved the daily gains, with an increase from 750 to 789 g/d (+5%)
  • Improved the feed efficiency from 3.54 to 3.34 g/d (5.6%)