DEB Calculator

Swine: calculate the electrolyte balance of your ration

Pigs have varying dietary requirements according to their physiological stage of development. Calculating the ration's electrolyte balance (sodium, potassium and chloride) makes it possible to see if it is in keeping with ideal values (see table at bottom of page). A ration whose EB is too low (increased risk of acidosis) can be effectively corrected by adding Bicar®Z.

EB Calculator

Stage of developmentIdeal EB
Gestating sow between 240 and 270 mEq/kg DM
Sow in preparation for farrowingbetween 160 and 190 mEq/kg DM
Nursing sowbetween 180 and 220 mEq/kg DM
Post-weaning pigletsbetween 250 and 300 mEq/kg DM
Fattening pigsbetween 200 and 250 mEq/kg DM
Growing giltsbetween 200 and 250 mEq/kg DM