Role of Bicar®Z

The benefits in methanation

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Bicar®Z can be used preventively or curatively and provides operators with a means of ensuring the correct functioning and improving the performance of the methanizer:

  1. The high buffering capacity of Bicar®Z  increases pH inside the digester and restores optimal functioning of the methanation process.
  2. Bicar®Z stabilizes the biological processes of methanation (hydrolysis, acetogenesis and methanogenesis) by avoiding the accumulation of volatile fatty acids in the digester, as these inhibit the methanation process.
  3. Bicar®Z increases the performance of the methanizer by buffering the substrate added and ensuring safe substrate changes. Incidentally, a German study from the University of Rostock shows that using Bicar®Z when changing substrates avoids fall-off in the yield.
  4. Bicar®Z is highly soluble. It limits the formation of layers of sediment in the digester and reduces the production of foam at the surface.