Increases zootechnical performance

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Feed used in the poultry industry must have an appropriate electrolyte balance in order to improve feed efficiency and limit the health risks associated with an excessively low pH.  Supplementing poultry feed with Bicar®Z (in both broilers and laying hens) improves their zootechnical and environmental performance.

In table poultry (chickens and turkeys), Bicar®Z:

  • increases weight gain, feed conversion and feed intake,
  • reduces water intake by around 5% and improves bedding quality,
  • maintains the electrolyte balance within the correct range by providing a chlorine-free source of sodium.

With respect to animal health, sodium bicarbonate:

  • reduces ascites,
  • increases the effectiveness of ionophore coccidiostats,
  • increases the performance of chickens reared in heat stress conditions and high-density environments,
  • decreases the rectal temperature.

In laying hens, the use of Bicar®Z significantly enhances egg quality:

  • a thicker eggshell,
  • an increased quantity of eggs and a higher specific weight.