Improves growth and reduces health risks


Pig feed, which is rich in highly fermentable carbohydrates, is digested rapidly and transformed into organic acids in the intestine. These metabolites cause a decrease in the blood pH, which is likely to reduce feed efficiency (reduction in ADG) and affect the health of the livestock: gastric and intestinal ulcers, disorders of the musculoskeletal system (lameness, osteochondrosis), etc. Adding Bicar®Z to the ration makes it possible to limit the adverse effects of acidosis on the health of the pigs and reestablish good feed efficiency.

In sows, the use of Bicar®Z:

  • improves litter quality,
  • increases the survival rate of piglets,
  • reduces weight loss at the end of lactation,
  • shortens the reproductive cycle.

In piglets, 

the use of Bicar®Z increases ADG and weaning weight.

In fattening pigs, the use of Bicar®Z:

  • increases feed intake and therefore growth
  • reduces the feed conversion ratio
  • improves classification and quality of the carcass: muscle content increases because muscle depth increases and fat depth decreases
  • improves the organoleptic qualities of the meat (tenderness, juiciness) when added to the drinking water prior to slaughter, without altering the taste nor the color of the meat